DBTech Multi-Purpose Pressurized Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing System with Attachments – Powerful little machine!

This is the second steamer I have owned, and while the other one is bigger and holds more water, it was designed more for larger jobs. This little baby is amazing. I must confess two things in this review. The first is that I am a horrible housekeeper. My kitchen stove is disgusting, and the first test this baby got was cleaning around and under the burners that hadn’t been cleaned in a really long time. I had tried to use 409 first, and it didn’t make a dent in the gunk. So I followed the directions on this steamer, first taking the lid off. It was really frustrating until I read the directions and it literally takes 7 turns to remove the lid. Then using the measuring cup that came with it, I filled the tank with the little funnel (also included). Then screwed the lid back on (another 7 turns) and plugging it in, then the waiting. The instructions are very clear about waiting 3-5 minutes for full heat to be reached, but I was impatient and pressed the button after about a minute and a half, and a stream of extremely hot water shot out. Suitable chastised, I waited another 2 minutes and perfect, scalding hot steam shot out and melted the gunk so very quickly. Both my husband and I were amazed to find that the pan under the burner was actually silver rather than black, I can’t wait to use it again. No complaints and highly recommended.

Complimentary sample received for review.



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