KEllis Natural Beeswax 4 ounces – Doesn’t seem like a lot but it goes a long way

I bought this in preparation of making a few all natural beauty products, since organic and DIY seems to be my new hobby.  I chose this particular brand because of the price, and I didn’t want to buy in bulk since I didn’t know if I would continue the hobby.  I am glad I did.  The only thing I have used it for so far is a DIY Lip Balm.  The recipe only called for 1 Tablespoon, so 4 oz. is enough to supply a grocery store chain with lip balm :D.  I am going to be making other things, so I may end up ordering more, but this size package was perfect for me.  Now, as far as the quality goes, I am no expert.  All I know is that the pestilles make measuring a breeze, and while it took a long time for them to melt, they blended perfectly with my other ingredients and the end product (on my first attempt), turned out perfect.  No complaints at all!


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