Natural Stress Relief Remedy from Essence of Cleopatra – Wonderful fragrance and great stress relief!

I received a complimentary bottle of this oil blend in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have been experimenting with and educating myself about essential oils for the last couple of months, and am really beginning to appreciate the benefits they bring to life. We as a household are also trying to eliminate chemicals and other things from our lives since we aren’t getting any younger. This particular blend by Essence of Cleopatra is absolutely lovely. I usually “poo-poo” exorbitant claims of effects from the literature of different essential oil companies, enjoying them solely for their fragrance, but this is a blend that may have converted me.

The name and packaging claims stress relief, so I stuck the bottle in the pocket of my jacket at work, knowing I had to sit through several meetings yesterday, some of which were on topics that can make my blood boil a little. Every so often I would discreetly take the bottle out, unscrew the lid, and take a whiff. Either I made myself de-stress by taking action like this or the blend really does work, because I could really feel the effects of being able to stay calm and relaxed during these meetings. I will definitely use this oil often in this manner, but also plan to make some homemade body butter with it, because the fragrance is simply divine.


3 thoughts on “Natural Stress Relief Remedy from Essence of Cleopatra – Wonderful fragrance and great stress relief!

    1. Thank you for the great question, you are gonna make me put on my thinkin’ cap to come up with a good way to describe this combination of delicious scents. There is a floral note to it, although not too overwhelming that comes from the Lavender oil in it. The oils included in this blend are: Chamomile Roman, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender, Vetivert. Now as I have said often in my reviews, I am still a novice at these essential oils, and I don’t own individually all of these listed, in fact the only one I own separately is the Lavender. Chamomile (also a tea) has an herby fruity scent, ylang ylang is often used in men’s perfumery products, but that is not the essential oil like this. I’ve been told that the essential oil of ylang ylang has a spicy floral scent (it is on my list of ‘wants’ in the essential oil lineup). The remaining two I have no idea what their individual scent is like, but I know that the combination of these things in this stress relief remedy is heavenly…spicy, flowery and warm. Didn’t know something could smell ‘warm’ to me, but this does. There is a sweet note to it too, but it isn’t a scent I would want to wear as a perfume, and I probably wouldn’t want to diffuse this constantly in my home but to use when needed is wonderful. Very good question though, you are going to make me a better reviewer!

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