Onite 2 x E26 E27 Edison Screw to GU10 Bayonet Base Adapter Lamp Socket, Pakcage of 2 – Worked Exactly as expected!

We accidentally bought a fancy light bulb that had European prongs rather than the standard screw socket we use here in the US. This worked perfectly and looks like it should last a long time.



Ozeri Fresko Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder – Wonderful Design & Appearance! 5 Stars

I am a foodie, so anything I can get to enhance my experience either cooking or eating is a plus in my book. I was thrilled when offered this product (at no cost) in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I have it filled currently with pink salt on one side and mixed color peppercorns on the other, and have had it only a few days. Everything works great so far. I was able to adjust the grind easily and once I figured out how to fill it, that was easy as well. It came with detailed instructions, and having the salt and pepper together in one device is ingenious. I am looking forward to using this for a long time to come, and it is something I won’t mind keeping on the counter or my dining room table.


Lavender Essential Oil from Rahda Beauty – HIGHLY recommended!

I am a fairly new convert to Essential Oils, and I recently received a bottle of Lavender Oil from Radha Beauty in exchange for an honest review.  This is my first exposure to Lavender Oil, and I must say that I am impressed on several points.  First, the fragrance is heavenly. Rather strong, but that is because it is pure lavender oil, and not diluted at all.  I’ve only had it a short time, but I will tell you how I have used it and how it has worked.

As a sleep balm – Sleep is one of my favorite activities, yet sometimes, I have difficulty winding down and relaxing enough to drop off. I put one drop of this on my finger and dot it on the tip of my nose and temples, and the aroma has almost an instant effect on helping me to relax.  I usually read to relax in bed, but last night when I used this, I was asleep within minutes of my head touching the pillow.  I’ve ordered supplies to make a literal sleep balm, but a teeny tiny bit of the pure product worked in a pinch.

As an air freshener – We have 2 cats and a dog, and it seems that no matter how much I clean up after them, there is always aromatic evidence that they live here too. I’ve combined about 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup 50% alcohol and 10-12 drops of Radha Beauty Lavender Oil in a small spray bottle and spritz around the areas of the house that need it the most.  Works like a charm.

As an insect repellent – A good friend of mine has been struggling with bed bugs…ick.  I made her up a spray bottle like I use for air freshener, but smaller. I increased the amount of Lavender Oil, 15-20 drops in 1 cup of water and added a few drops of tea tree oil.  I’ve read that both of these oils are hated by bed bugs.  I took her this spray, as well as several cotton balls with about 3 drops of oil on each, and she is spraying like crazy, and  sticking the cotton balls around the affected rooms. I’ll update the review with how this worked for her.

These are all the uses I have tried so far, but have a list of things I’m going to try.

These bottles contain 4 oz. of Lavender Oil which is A LOT, so the potential uses are endless.  100% Lavender Oil that was Steam distilled. It is from Bulgaria, and is a product I am going to cherish.


Vitagoods Face & Body Cleansing Brush – Works Great!

This was a sample for review.

I like this product a lot. I am not a teenager but am rather a woman of a certain age, and my skin isn’t as smooth and wrinkle free as it used to be. I do try to take care of it though, so I was excited to try this. Even though it is called ‘Spin for Perfect Skin’, I was simply hoping it would work and wasn’t expecting miracles. It worked flawlessly, I tried all 3 brushes, the cleansing facial brush worked very nice, the exfoliating brush was a bit firmer and if I actually had exfoliation lotion to use with it, it would be even better, but no complaints with just using it with my cleanser. The body brush is a bit small, and really isn’t practical for my use, but the item that really excited me and that I would have bought this unit for is the pumice stone. I have corns and callouses and this baby gently but effectively filed away at those. I truly dislike the block pumice stone you get at walmart that is hard to hold and use. This just purred away as it made short order of a particularly annoying callous on the bottom of my foot. For this feature alone, I would give this product 5 stars, but the rest of the kit was a pleasant surprise as well (with the exception of the body brush which I won’t use.) From the time we were told this product was coming until it actually arrived was a bit longer than we expected, but it arrived safely and is packaged in a secure and attractive box.


Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment Original Formula 10 oz Tube – Best Stuff Ever, Highly Recommended

This stuff is amazing. I don’t know how Dollar Tree got their hands on a case of this but I got this tube there and I LOVE it. I have very dry skin, and with the dryness of winter, I feel like my skin has the texture and consistency of parchment paper. There is both a visible and a tactile difference as soon as this stuff goes on, and I use it absolutely everywhere but my face. But I think it would be fine there as well, since it is non-oily. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!


Jumbl™ All Season Nail Polish Set – Wonderful Selection for Nail Art

Such a fun set! I received this set in exchange for a fair and honest review. While these might not be my first choices on colors for nail polish, they should be great for nail art. I painted my nails with a base coat of a color called # 15 (rosy and subtle) and then tried my hand at decorating that base color. A blue stripe down the middle and a yellow dot on either side. The possibilities are endless. I have a friend who makes a living at doing others nails with nail art, and I’m going to have her over to see what she can do with these.

Two things that I need to note about these polishes. First of all, the brushes in these polish bottles are smaller than I am used to, which would be perfect for using these to do nail art, and second, the advertisement for this polish refers to them as fast drying, and it dried extremely fast. I painted one of my nails the darker of the two blue colors and remembered at the last stroke that I am out of nail polish remover (blue would not be appropriate for me to wear in the classroom). As soon as I realized what I had done, I had attempted to wipe off the nail polish with a tissue (usually works if the polish is still wet), but this was almost completely dried in that short time, and I am going to have to run to the dollar store nearby to get some remover so I can try again.

It seems like high quality polish, and the color selection would be ideal for nail art.


Cameo Moisturizing Body Lotion – Smells like my Grandmother’s Bathroom – 3/5 stars

I have horribly dry skin, and the winter just makes it worse. This body lotion is fine but I have a few issues with it that keeps me from giving it 5 stars. The first is the scent. The product description says it has a scent of gardenia, and that may be, but it reminds me more of J e r g e n’s lotion scent. No particular botanical, but a nice pleasant scent. Frankly, this lotion reminded me of my grandmother, a pleasant memory yet not what I was expecting. Secondly, I am a fan of creamy rather than greasy lotions, just my personal preference, and this lotion leaves a slightly greasy feel for several minutes after applying. With that said, I generally apply body lotion liberally when I get out of the shower or bath while my skin is still damp, and this lotion did what it is supposed to do. I had to wait a bit longer to dress after applying this because of the aforementioned greasy feel, but after about 20 minutes, it soaked into my skin to the point that I simply had nice moisturized skin, and the greasy feel went away. This didn’t make my list of favorite body lotions, but it is still a decent product for the price!