Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie…yes a Bluetooth Beanie and it ROCKS!

This beanie is really a great product that I am thoroughly enjoying. When my husband first told me that we were receiving Bluetooth beanies to review, I thought he was joking, but indeed this is a beanie, and it is Bluetooth. Before I even talk about the audio part of this beanie, I want to talk about the beanie itself. This beanie, as you will see in my video is well made. (I haven’t figured out how to upload videos here yet, but you can see my video on the product page at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/review/R1J6O1S1LTASCL/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm).

The knitting is quality, with no knots or snags, even stitching and is obviously made of fine yarn. There is a fleece lining, both of which have enough stretch to fit on my head which is fairly large, but in addition to that I have a lot of hair, so finding these types of hats is always difficult for me. It is snug, but it fits. I would expect to pay at least 20 just for this quality of beanie, but then add in the Bluetooth headset built in to the beanie, and this is a remarkable product. This beanie has ear flaps for warmth, but they also hold the earphones. This unit paired effortlessly with my LG G2 phone, and I was able to begin listening to music within moments of pairing it. I charged it for about an hour before trying this, and it has held its charge through a couple uses over two days. If you tie the braids under your neck, the earpieces will rest more snugly against your ears allowing for even better sound, but the sound is pretty good considering the non-conventional type of headset this is. This is great for any kind of cold weather activity, sledding, or even taking a run (which I don’t do) in the winter. You can answer your phone easily and have a conversation through with the built in microphone, as well as listening to your favorite tunes while enjoying the cold. A wonderful idea and a product I hope that others will get to enjoy.

*I received a complimentary product sample in exchange for an honest review, and I am truly pleased with this product!*



Clove Essential Oil, 1 fl. oz by the Vitamin Shoppe – Seems great!

I bought this in the brick and mortar store after discovering it while my husband was waiting in line at the ColdStone Creamery. We have been slowly replacing commercial preparations of health and beauty aids with more natural, often essential oil based products that I either make, or if we buy we make sure it is based on essential oils, for both their aromatherapy benefits, or topical application (with a carrier oil). I know that clove has many benefits, due to its anti-bacterial properties and wonderful aroma. There are many places to read more about what it can do, but I got it for a toothache. I dipped a cotton swab in sweet almond oil to saturate it, then dropped one drop of clove oil on that tip and placed it on the gum near the cavity that was giving it problems. It had an odd numbing quality which I needed, a slight flavor which I enjoyed, and am hopeful that it will do what many in Indian claim it does, which is gradually heal the cavity and regrow tooth tissue. I’ll report back on that one, but I am glad for the numbing and the taste.


Natures Alchemy – Citronella Essential Oil, .5 fl. oz oil

I bought this at a local vitamin store because I was bored and my husband was in the ColdStone Creamery nearby. I was thrilled to find out that this store has essential oils, because all the others I have bought have been online, and the few I had seen in stores in my area were either overpriced, or not pure. I bought Citronella essential oil to use in my own blend I am making as an insect repellent. I have been experimenting with essential oils only for the last 3-4 months, and through research found out that not only outdoor candles use citronella, but it can be used in other preparations as well, often more effectively. It smells heavenly,  a lot different than the commercial candles I’ve had, so I am hopeful that this will work well.


Procella Travel Umbrella, Double Canopy, Auto Open/Close – Ideal for the busy professional!

While I am usually ambivalent about umbrellas (never seem to have one when I need one), this umbrella has caught my attention on a couple of fronts.

I am a college instructor at an urban community college spread out over quite a large campus, and as luck has it, I often have to trek across campus to my classes, no matter the weather, and this has been a very wet spring. North Carolina can also be windy, so more often than not and instead of struggling with an inside-out umbrella, I choose to trek quickly, dashing (that may not be an accurate term as I am slow and old, but can move surprisingly fast when motivated) from building to building to avoid spending much time out in the rain, but as my student can attest, on rainy days I tend to look a little like a drowned rat by the time I get to class. I am usually more concerned with making sure the papers or books I am carrying are protected and dry since I have convinced myself that the rain makes my hair curl nicer.

The first reason I love this Procella Travel Umbrella is that I can keep it in my bag for those unexpected storms that sneak up while in class. It doesn’t take up much room at just 12 X 2 1/2. The second reason is that opening AND closing the umbrella are one-handed operations. When I have my purse, my carry all tote with books and notebooks in it, and am getting ready to enter a building (or my car), this umbrella allows me to quickly push the button to close it until I can get somewhere more convenient than a wet doorway to set my things down to properly stow the umbrella away. The vents have yet to be tested, as today was simply steady rain with nary a breeze, but I will update this review if it doesn’t perform as expected. It is sturdy, compact when closed, but amply big enough when open, and is being sold at a very reasonable price point for this quality of product. I have to say that this would be an ideal gift for an office birthday, or just about any occasion because the box it comes in is impressive in itself. Hard cardboard, and perfectly sized for this umbrella.

My only issue was getting the umbrella back into the bag it came in, but after a couple tries, I figured out how to do it easily. I had it reopen the umbrella and smooth it out as I wrapped it up with the Velcro strap, then slowly turn it as I inserted it into the storage bag. Easy peasey!

**I received a complimentary sample of this umbrella in exchange for an honest and unbiased review***


Protein Generation Meal Replacement Shake – Great Flavor, Lacks Instructions for Newbies like me.

First of all, I am not a health nut nor am I a weight trainer. With that out of the way, I am a 51 year old woman who, with her husband, has decided to start making changes in my life to be healthier, which includes making our lives more ‘natural’ and rethinking what we are eating. Fewer carbohydrates, more protein and basically more awareness. When I got the opportunity to try this Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review, I jumped at it since it seemed it would help us along on this journey to better health. There are a lot of great things to be said about this product, and very few negative things. First of all, this package is HUGE, comes with the scoop you need, smells great as soon as you open it, and once you figure out a good balance between liquid and the powder, it actually tastes great. I’ve tried other protein drinks in the past that were quite nasty tasting, and as I took my first good drink of this, I braced myself for that ‘taste’. It wasn’t there. It just tasted like chocolate. The only negative I found with this entire product is that…as a novice, I had no idea how to use it, and the instructions on the package aren’t as clear as I need. It says to use twice a day which is on the label, and there is a chart with different weights listed and then number of scoops, and unless I really don’t understand this stuff, it looks like I should be using 4-5 scoops of this stuff for every meal I use it for? I don’t mind if that is the case because I like things super chocolatey. I don’t use that many scoops, but I do keep adding powder to get the taste I want. And one glass of this fills me up for several hours. I just wish the instructions were more clear on the package.


Nanshy StandUp Brush Holder – Extremely Versatile for more than brushes.

I am not a make up artist, nor am I someone who wears make up often, but with that being said, I do have a lot of small containers of make up and appliers including some brushes. For a portable solution, this holder is ideal. And not just for make up and brushes. I am a teacher at a local community college, and I often transport the things I need for my classes (pens, pencils, small stapler, electronic presenter, etc.) in my pocket or in the bottom of my carryall bag, which means that they can be misplaced or damaged by bouncing around, and using this holder, I can keep all these small items organized and secure.

The holder comes in two pieces, both made from washable material, that fit together snugly and are secured by two plastic clips, one on either side. When the two pieces are together, and the clips employed, this is a very secure storage and travel solution for small items like I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Each half is extremely roomy, if you want to use them as storage cups for desktop or on your make up counter to hold your essentials.

I love this product and may order another for its intended use, but I think that this should be marketed for multi-use purposes since it is so versatile and sturdy.

I received this brush holder from Nanshy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, so I am going to do my best to be thorough and detailed so that other customers can make an informed decision.


Lavender Population Essential Oil. 10 ml. by Plant Therapy Essential Oils

As many of you may know, I am an essential oil novice. There I said it. But I am loving learning about these products right now. I have used Lavender essential oil before, but when I received this bottle, it smelled different, so I looked closer at the bottle and saw that it said Lavender Population Essential oil. I had NO idea what that meant, but as in all things in my life, if I find myself knowingly ignorant of something (I know, an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one), I set about to change that, so before I used this oil, I researched what exactly the word ‘population’ meant when referring to an essential oil. What I found out is really quite interesting. For many aficionados of essential oils, particularly lavender, ‘population’ is considered the finest and most ‘true’ lavender, because it isn’t cultivated or grown commercially, but rather comes from naturally occurring stands of lavender, which means that pollination isn’t controlled nor is the climate, all factors that can affect the plant.

The reason that I began exploring essential oils is because both my husband and myself are interested in being healthier (we are both in our early 50s), and both suffer from multiple minor issues that neither of us want to treat with traditional medicines. Once I discovered these and how well they work for our purposes, I have been adding to my repertoire as well as beginning to use oils in more than diffusers. I have begun making my own skin and beauty products (mainly skin), and have used this lavender in a body butter that I made. Unfortunately, I learned that cocoa butter has a very dominant scent that even this lovely lavender population oil cannot compete with, so for now it is used in my diffuser, as well as on little cotton balls around my house (for air freshener and insect control). I look forward to learning more uses, because this lovely oil needs to be put to use!

**I received a complimentary sample of this product in exchange for an unbiased review. My comments above are my genuine experiences and opinions of this product.**