I need all the help I can to eat right! Review of SmartPlanet’s Portion Perfect Snack container.

NEW! Portion Perfect Snack Perfect On The Go

OK, so I am not the world’s healthiest eater, and I love junk food. Just like the old commercial used to say “I can’t eat just one”, but with some things, if I could restrict myself to one portion or one cup I can maintain and be a bit healthier.  This container is PERFECT for helping me to do this.  I used to buy a bag of chips or a can of nuts, or even a bag of M&Ms to have in/on my desk at my office.  If I was having a bad day *BOOM* the whole thing would be gone.  But this perfect little portion control container has helped me curb stress eating a little bit (there are still vending machines around the corner from my office).  I usually put one completely bad for me snack in one of the compartment (chips/Fritos/candy), and the other two hold carrot sticks/jicama sticks (my current favorite), and the final one holds about 1/2 a cup of almonds or pecans (or whichever nut is currently my favorite).  This is all I bring to work, so I am forced to ration myself (I usually leave my coins in my husbands coin bowl (so he can cash them in at Coin-Star for an Amazon gift card).

I imagine this would be great for folks with small children, but I think it is perfect for me.  Here is the link to their website:



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