Yum…Bread! My Kryptonite! 4-stars!

I love bread.  Unfortunately my wallet doesn’t.  I try to eat healthier bread, but often at the end of the month I get what I can afford.  Zack from Keyton has given me one of their new bread machines to test, and omg, is there anything better than home-made bread?  I don’t think so.  This is a great bread machine with 25 options, I have only explored 1 or 2 at the time of this post.  I use it to make bread.  Period.  However, if you are adventurous, this machine has settings to make dough without baking, as well as yogurt, roasted nuts???, and vinegar.  I am looking forward to trying those features when I figure those out, but for now, my palate and my stomach are both grateful for the bread settings.  YUM.  Here is the link to my review video on YouTube.

Why not 5 stars?  Well, two reasons, and not because the tops of my loaves aren’t looking the way I want, the bread is still yummy.  The owner’s manual is in VERY small print, and I had to pull out a magnifying glass to read it, and it contained only the most basic information about bread machines.  It also didn’t come with ANY recipes which really surprised me.  The other issue is the price which seemed a bit high, but it is such a full-featured machine it might be worth it if I used ALL the features.

I still love this machine and plan to use it often.  Even my hunny who isn’t a fan of bread loved the loaves I made with this machine.  And I am saving money!


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