Portable Aromatherapy! Blank Nasal Inhaler Tubes…Ingenious – Five Stars

I had never actually thought of using this product…ever…until I found out that you could buy them empty, and frankly, I wish I had learned of it earlier.  I remember seeing these things when I was growing up, because my dad always had a sinus issue or stuffy nose, so he would get the inhaler tubes with Mentholatum or Vick’s Vaporub in it.  And I never really used those, but I have become quite the fan of essential oils and aromatherapy.  So when I saw these and realized that I can take my aromatherapy with me, and not worry about an outlet or water or…anything other than this tube, I was sold.  When the package arrives it is very basic, a Ziploc bag with everything you need to make 12 of these.  There are 12 tubes (each consists of 2 pieces, the inside tube and a cover), 12 wicks (cotton), and twelve caps for the main body of the inhaler.  Simply add your favorite aromatherapy essential oil blend to the wick (by simply using a dropper to put as many drops on the wick as you think you want, and pop the cap on the end, and voila…instant aromatherapy.  I have a stress relief blend that I have had for awhile that I usually keep the bottle in my bag and take a whiff whenever the world gets too much, and it calms me right down.  But I often wonder how calm I would be if that vial of essential oil were to break in my bag (probably desensitizing me to any helpful benefit of that oil blend at that point).  With this inhaler, I no longer need to tote around my oil, but rather I can pop this little inhaler in my bag and get the same benefit without the added worry.  Great product that I simply cannot say enough good about.  Wonderful!

I received a complimentary sample of this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

You can find this merchant’s wares here

I have not tried this product from any other manufacturer, so cannot speak to the quality of any brand other than Cornucopia!


Radha Beauty Tea Tree Oil – The miracle oil!! (claims not approved by the FDA, merely my opinion)

I have been a fan of Melaleuca Oil for years, in fact long before Essential Oils became trendy, this was a staple in my home. Also known as Tea Tree oil, this has many uses and I will simply talk about how I use it.

I have begun making my own health and beauty products, and three that I use the most are my homemade shampoo, homemade laundry detergent and a skin softening healing salve. There are so many chemicals in the commercial versions of these products that I wanted to find healthy, organic or more natural versions, and tea tree oil is a prominent ingredient in each of these. I’ve been buying the small 15 ml bottles and if you make any quantity of these products, it can be quite cost prohibitive.

This product by Radha Beauty is of top quality, and by selling this in 4 oz. bottles, you can incorporate it in many ways without worrying about running out when you need it for something else. It comes in a lovely blue glass bottle, with a glass eyedropper so you can measure it precisely. I also rub it into my nails (both hand and toes) and while it strengthens my fingernails, it is rapidly clearing up a fungal toe nail infection I’ve dealt with for years.

My doctor gave me a product that has more health warnings on it than benefits, and I used it for two months with little results. Within two weeks of using tea tree oil, I can see new, healthy nail growing in. Granted nail growth is a slow process, but I’ve got a nice supply now to ensure I’ll finish the treatment with new healthier nails. Every house needs one of these bottles (in my humble opinion) because this one bottle can replace dozens of products. Wonderful!

**I received a complimentary sample of this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review**

I am simply providing the link where I found the product, I do not sell any of the items found on my blog, I am simply giving my honest opinion.


Aukey Aroma Diffuser – 4 of 5 stars – I love the look of this thing!

As many of you know, I am still relatively new at essential oils, and diffusers, but am enthusiastically learning all I can.  I usually prefer topical application of the oils, but with allergy season, diffusing the aroma of certain oils in our home really helps both my husband and I fell better during allergy season (thieves oil, rosemary & lemon, and eucalyptus oils). I’ve tried several diffusers and have yet to find a favorite. This one definitely is in the running.

First of all, I love the way it looks. Before it ever went into operation, I would have placed it on a shelf or end table as a decoration, but it is functional as well.

As you can see in my video, if you can look past my clumsiness, this is very easy to operate, and to fill. It doesn’t pump out the mist like some I have tried, but does a fine job getting the oil into the air which is its primary function anyway.

It does have lights, which aren’t important to me, and the alternating mood lights can be turned off (although it does take 8 presses of the light ‘button’ to get those off. I would be happier if ‘off’ was the default rather than the last of many choices, but that is just my personal preference.

It is whisper quiet. I love that because when I am using it in my office, I am usually writing, or grading student papers, and hate being distracted. The only time I really notice any sound it makes is when it cycles off for 30 seconds, and what I notice then is an absence of sound.

I don’t really consider this a humidifier because the small wisps of mist are relatively small, and unless your face is right over it, any ‘humidifier’ benefit would be minimal, but the aroma effect is great, even in my good sized home office.

Overall, I believe this is a quality diffuser and would recommend it for a living room or office use. The power and mist LED lights are rather bright, so I’m not sure I’d want this in my bedroom, but I don’t use a diffuser there anyway.