HAVIT HV-H025BT Bluetooth Headset for Hands-free use!!! Wonderful!

This is a great Bluetooth headset. This HAVIT headset is very lightweight, and one of the best features of it, in my humble opinion is that it has different sizes of ear buds, and the smallest seems smaller than most sets. This is good for me because I have tiny ear canals and usually have tons of issues keeping ear buds in comfortably. This set not only has covers that are small enough to set in my ears, but also has loops/flanges which further allow these to remain securely in my ears by utilizing the ridges in my ears to secure the buds. So my fit issues have been solved.

As far as sound goes, these sound as good to me as my wired headphones that I have for my desktop computer. My music from my phone music library play wonderfully, and the music sounds rich, not tinny like I’ve experienced before with ear buds. I was skeptical that these were actually able to be used for telephone calls because for the life of me I couldn’t locate the microphone. But while I was testing these for the music, my phone rang, and I took a chance and answered it, and my husband was able to hear me clearly. That simply amazed me.

Technophiles, unlike myself, probably understand how these gadgets work, but I am always constantly amazed when they work as flawlessly as these, especially with me being the operator. It worked GREAT!!!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pme2dd17d60a8e6f1149cf7951ab931832



Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie…yes a Bluetooth Beanie and it ROCKS!

This beanie is really a great product that I am thoroughly enjoying. When my husband first told me that we were receiving Bluetooth beanies to review, I thought he was joking, but indeed this is a beanie, and it is Bluetooth. Before I even talk about the audio part of this beanie, I want to talk about the beanie itself. This beanie, as you will see in my video is well made. (I haven’t figured out how to upload videos here yet, but you can see my video on the product page at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/review/R1J6O1S1LTASCL/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm).

The knitting is quality, with no knots or snags, even stitching and is obviously made of fine yarn. There is a fleece lining, both of which have enough stretch to fit on my head which is fairly large, but in addition to that I have a lot of hair, so finding these types of hats is always difficult for me. It is snug, but it fits. I would expect to pay at least 20 just for this quality of beanie, but then add in the Bluetooth headset built in to the beanie, and this is a remarkable product. This beanie has ear flaps for warmth, but they also hold the earphones. This unit paired effortlessly with my LG G2 phone, and I was able to begin listening to music within moments of pairing it. I charged it for about an hour before trying this, and it has held its charge through a couple uses over two days. If you tie the braids under your neck, the earpieces will rest more snugly against your ears allowing for even better sound, but the sound is pretty good considering the non-conventional type of headset this is. This is great for any kind of cold weather activity, sledding, or even taking a run (which I don’t do) in the winter. You can answer your phone easily and have a conversation through with the built in microphone, as well as listening to your favorite tunes while enjoying the cold. A wonderful idea and a product I hope that others will get to enjoy.

*I received a complimentary product sample in exchange for an honest review, and I am truly pleased with this product!*


Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Weather Station. 3 of 5 stars.

I received this wireless thermometer as a complimentary sample for an unbiased review. I am not a technological whiz, but I am learning more and more about electronic devices. When I received this, I was actually quite excited because for some reason, knowing how hot or cold it is has become an obsession of mine. I constantly check the weather channel, but since I live in a rural area, I am never sure the closest reading applies to me. We are in the midst of an arctic blast right now in North Carolina.

There is a definite order to setting this thing up (which is why I love reading the instructions (and other reviews). I first downloaded the free app from the Play store, and installed in on my Nexus 7 tablet (it was not compatible with my phone). Setup was relatively painless, it asked for a couple location based things and whether you wanted Celsius or Fahrenheit, and then it began looking for the unit.

Once you install the batteries (included in the package *1 star*) in the device, it automatically turns on and begins looking for a Bluetooth connection. It paired effortlessly (1 star). It began reading the temperature in my office immediately, although in Celsius (even though I had set it up for Fahrenheit), but after about 2-3 minutes, suddenly it switched to something I understand 😛 (1 star). I was very excited because it worked!!!!! But the real test came when I walked the 10 feet or so from my office to the front door, opened the door and set the unit outside on my patio table (no more than 15 feet from the tablet with the app running) to see if it would continue to work. Almost immediately, the app disconnected from the device, could not see the signal. So, following the instructions, I went back outside (brrr), opened the battery cover and reset the device, then ran to the tablet and tried to get it to reconnect. Alas it did not. The app registers the last temperature it received from the device which is 71 degrees and oh I wish that were true (We had an ice storm last night!) The device itself is relatively accurate (although it took about 20 minutes to register anything close to the actual temperature outside) although having to go outside to check the temperature seems to defeats the purpose. I wish I could give this more stars because I really wanted this to work well, but after testing and trying this unit, it just isn’t working as it should or as it is advertised.