I found the Coolest Portable LED Light and Fan for my Laptop Bag!

A few weeks ago, I was asked to review a really fantastic product, and I wanted to tell you about it, as well as a special offer for my readers on this blog.  First of all, what am I so excited about?  Well it isn’t the biggest thing I’ve every reviewed, but it may be the coolest.  It is the Mostfeel Portable USB Mini LED light & USB-Powered Cooling Fan.  Both are plug and play type devices, plugging directly into a USB port (I have a hub for my laptop with 3 ports).  I often grade papers in the evening, and then enter the grades on my laptop.  I hate lighting up the whole room when all I need is the area on my desk right next to my computer.  So I plug this little light in to the USB hub, bend the twisty light to point exactly where I need it and get busy grading.  The Fan that is part of this set is really nifty as well.  It is the same basic idea as the light, plugged into the USB port, bent to direct the air flow where it is needed, and in North Carolina in late July, I need that baby pointed right at me.

I also use the light as a reading light, either when I’m in bed, or sitting in our dimly lit living room.  I just grab one of my power banks (with a USB port), plug in the light and I have a portable lamp to do my reading by.  I love this little baby.

I received a complimentary sample of this light/fan set in exchange for a review, and the merchant wanted me to offer you, my readers a great discount on this set.   Since it is a fairly new item, they are already selling it on Amazon at a great promotional price.  Originally 22.99, they are offering it as a special promotion for only 12.98.  BUT, for my readers, if you use the code I’ve put below for you, will receive nearly 4.00 more off that promotional price (so 8.99).  If you have Amazon Prime, it will ship for free too!

Here is the link – Mostfeel Portable USB Mini LED Light & Adjustable Fan

Just add the second one to your cart (the one shipping from Hong Kong) , and when you get to checkout just enter the code: 8888ML02
***Quick edit, I just found out that they lowered their regular price to $9.99, and with the code, it should lower the price to $6.99 with free shipping from Hong Kong!  A great deal all the way around, if you are patient!