Toys for my new toy!

I’ve only recently gotten my first GoPro (my husband has had one for awhile), and while neither of us are adventurous or athletic, we both love taking photos and videos and love to record our pets and our road trips. These cameras allow us to do so without worrying about packing an extensive camera bag or collection. I love these wrist straps by MuvePro because I keep them in our glove box, and when we hop out of the car, I can have my camera on my wrist which is easily accessible. I don’t do a lot of boating, so I cannot imagine using the floating band for that, but any time I am near the water, I wear it because frankly, I am clumsy, and if anything I am liable to simply trip or drop it in the ocean, never to be seen again. Hopefully with this on my wrist it won’t go flying, but if it does, the floater should keep it visible (hopefully a better swimmer than I will grab it for me) or else it will remain visible as it floats out to sea :P.

You can find these straps here.

You can see my new action camera (GoPro clone) here.

I received both of the products mentioned above in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Procella Travel Umbrella, Double Canopy, Auto Open/Close – Ideal for the busy professional!

While I am usually ambivalent about umbrellas (never seem to have one when I need one), this umbrella has caught my attention on a couple of fronts.

I am a college instructor at an urban community college spread out over quite a large campus, and as luck has it, I often have to trek across campus to my classes, no matter the weather, and this has been a very wet spring. North Carolina can also be windy, so more often than not and instead of struggling with an inside-out umbrella, I choose to trek quickly, dashing (that may not be an accurate term as I am slow and old, but can move surprisingly fast when motivated) from building to building to avoid spending much time out in the rain, but as my student can attest, on rainy days I tend to look a little like a drowned rat by the time I get to class. I am usually more concerned with making sure the papers or books I am carrying are protected and dry since I have convinced myself that the rain makes my hair curl nicer.

The first reason I love this Procella Travel Umbrella is that I can keep it in my bag for those unexpected storms that sneak up while in class. It doesn’t take up much room at just 12 X 2 1/2. The second reason is that opening AND closing the umbrella are one-handed operations. When I have my purse, my carry all tote with books and notebooks in it, and am getting ready to enter a building (or my car), this umbrella allows me to quickly push the button to close it until I can get somewhere more convenient than a wet doorway to set my things down to properly stow the umbrella away. The vents have yet to be tested, as today was simply steady rain with nary a breeze, but I will update this review if it doesn’t perform as expected. It is sturdy, compact when closed, but amply big enough when open, and is being sold at a very reasonable price point for this quality of product. I have to say that this would be an ideal gift for an office birthday, or just about any occasion because the box it comes in is impressive in itself. Hard cardboard, and perfectly sized for this umbrella.

My only issue was getting the umbrella back into the bag it came in, but after a couple tries, I figured out how to do it easily. I had it reopen the umbrella and smooth it out as I wrapped it up with the Velcro strap, then slowly turn it as I inserted it into the storage bag. Easy peasey!

**I received a complimentary sample of this umbrella in exchange for an honest and unbiased review***