Nanshy StandUp Brush Holder – Extremely Versatile for more than brushes.

I am not a make up artist, nor am I someone who wears make up often, but with that being said, I do have a lot of small containers of make up and appliers including some brushes. For a portable solution, this holder is ideal. And not just for make up and brushes. I am a teacher at a local community college, and I often transport the things I need for my classes (pens, pencils, small stapler, electronic presenter, etc.) in my pocket or in the bottom of my carryall bag, which means that they can be misplaced or damaged by bouncing around, and using this holder, I can keep all these small items organized and secure.

The holder comes in two pieces, both made from washable material, that fit together snugly and are secured by two plastic clips, one on either side. When the two pieces are together, and the clips employed, this is a very secure storage and travel solution for small items like I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Each half is extremely roomy, if you want to use them as storage cups for desktop or on your make up counter to hold your essentials.

I love this product and may order another for its intended use, but I think that this should be marketed for multi-use purposes since it is so versatile and sturdy.

I received this brush holder from Nanshy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, so I am going to do my best to be thorough and detailed so that other customers can make an informed decision.


Homemade Lip Balm using multiple products – products linked to my reviews

Alright, I must confess, I have a new hobby.  A couple different merchants (Rahda Beauty & KateS Essential Oils) have sent me products for review and in order to be fair to them, I had to educate myself on them.  I was (am) an essential oils novice.  But doing my research on these oils, I found all kinds of sites describing how to make my own health and beauty products, that are all natural and free from preservatives.  I’m going to list the recipe I used with links to my individual reviews for the specific products that I used (although there are a ton of options for these different items out there).  I am not suggesting that those that I used are the best, only they are what I have and it worked out pretty good!

I adapted my recipe from one I found here  and it made 9 tubes and 1 little pot.

1 T beeswax pastilles 

1 T organic coconut oil 

1 T Shea butter

10-15+ drops peppermint essential oil – KateS

1-2 gel caps of Vitamin E

put all the ingredients in a 1 cup glass measuring cup and either heat on a double boiler or heat on 15-30 second intervals in the microwave until all items are melted (beeswax takes awhile).  Once heated thoroughly (it will be VERY hot), add the liquid from 1-2 Vitamin E gel caps, and at least 10-15 drops of peppermint oil (I added about 20 since my husband and myself love to ‘feel’ the lip balm working.)

I bought empty lip balm tubes and little pots so used both, as well as getting pipettes for transferring the hot liquid to the tubes/pots without making a mess.

I let it cool slightly before filling, and topped off each tube as the liquid settled and began to cool.  It was so easy.  Some things I would do exactly the same, others I would do differently.

50 Clear Empty Brand New Lip Balm Tubes & Caps,Contains NO BPA, Made in the USA – LOVE these

I purchased these from simplenatural on eBay, and wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to be able to do what I wanted to do with these.  I am just starting to experiment with DIY beauty and health products, and I wanted my first project to be lip balm.  Both my husband and I use lip balm, neither of us drink enough water, and therefore our lips are often dry.  So I found a good recipe but needed to put it in something, so I searched for lip balm tubes, and this one seemed to be the best price.  I am completely happy with these.  I made my first batch last night, and every lid fit every tube perfectly.  None of the tubes leaked, and the mechanism that turns to push the balm up works flawlessly on each.  I will definitely buy these again (although it will be awhile before I use all these…50 is a lot for the amateur!

Jumbl™ All Season Nail Polish Set – Wonderful Selection for Nail Art

Such a fun set! I received this set in exchange for a fair and honest review. While these might not be my first choices on colors for nail polish, they should be great for nail art. I painted my nails with a base coat of a color called # 15 (rosy and subtle) and then tried my hand at decorating that base color. A blue stripe down the middle and a yellow dot on either side. The possibilities are endless. I have a friend who makes a living at doing others nails with nail art, and I’m going to have her over to see what she can do with these.

Two things that I need to note about these polishes. First of all, the brushes in these polish bottles are smaller than I am used to, which would be perfect for using these to do nail art, and second, the advertisement for this polish refers to them as fast drying, and it dried extremely fast. I painted one of my nails the darker of the two blue colors and remembered at the last stroke that I am out of nail polish remover (blue would not be appropriate for me to wear in the classroom). As soon as I realized what I had done, I had attempted to wipe off the nail polish with a tissue (usually works if the polish is still wet), but this was almost completely dried in that short time, and I am going to have to run to the dollar store nearby to get some remover so I can try again.

It seems like high quality polish, and the color selection would be ideal for nail art.

Rimmel London Eye Makeup Remover – Works Great!!

I don’t wear makeup a lot, but recently received a huge collection and went through an evening of trying different looks. Thank goodness I had received a full-sized sample of this eye makeup remover as a free sample from Influenster in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. It is great and removed my eye makeup completely in one swipe. I checked the mirror to make sure it actually took it off and was surprised to see no smudges or remnants of the makeup I had on. Great product in my opinion!

Ivation’s Makeup Gift Set – Great variety, ingenious design

When my husband let me know that he was going to be receiving this to review (at no cost), I became a little giddy. Even though I am in my 50s, I am still a girl who wants to look pretty. And make up is one of the was that society gets us to adapt our looks to be ‘prettier’. This kit is quite nice. It comes in a compact black plastic box with handles at the top if you need to grab this to do your makeup on the run. It has a total of 177 items of makeup and 11 accessories (brushes/applicators/mirror) to use in their application.

The photos attached to this review are from the unboxing, which brought about my only complaints on this product, but I will outline those at the end of the review.

First of all, the pros:

1) Variety – I have seen large collections of makeup before that seem to be geared toward the garish, and don’t offer enough of a variety for many different makeup tastes. This has such a huge variety of colors, that I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed in the color selection. From bright and garish (in my opinion), to muted and understated, this kit has it all.

2) Size – this is a compact giant. With so many choices of eye color, as well as a few blush and lip colors as well, this could easily take up a much larger footprint. But this kit before opening measures only 2 x 6.6 inches and stretches to 14″ when completely opened to display all the products. The design of this box is ingenious because individually, this many different cosmetics would take over someones vanity or bathroom counter. Folded up it is only slightly larger than a box of hair color (don’t ask how I know that.)

3) Price – Currently priced at just under $25.00, this is a bargain. If you were to buy these color pallettes individually at a drug or department store, even for the least expensive brands, you would spend twice this for the amount of products contained in this kit. For example, a popular well known cheapie brand sells a pallette of 8 eyeshadows for 7.89 on Amazon. I imagine that is close or cheaper than in the store. And that is just different shades of the same color. Multiply that to account for the variety in this kit of eyecolor alone, and you are talking just under $150. That doesn’t even take into consideration the lip color and blushes in this kit, so a bargain.


There really aren’t any cons to the quality of this product nor about the design of the packaging EXCEPT: Other than the hard plastic case there is nothing to protect these colors during shipping or while stored. No plastic or thin foam film, and as can be seen in some of my photos, at least one of the powder shadows was loosened and managed to get all over the case and other products including some of the lip cremes (and this was a green shadow). So it was rather messy and I think this could be a fairly easy fix prior to shipping.

So even though I have one complaint, it is fairly minor (although I would have worn that color of green had it been intact).

All in all a wonderful product that I think any woman who wears make up will love. Even if they replace their makeup every six months (as some health experts recommend), this would be a fairly inexpensive way to do so.

This is my honest and unbiased opinion of a review sample.

Ivation’s Red Train Case All-In-One Makeup Kit – Attractive Case & Great Selection of Products

This Makeup kit comes in a very attractive and sturdy red case, for either travel or simply looking nice on your makeup/bathroom counter or vanity. It has a very secure snap closure on the front and once unsnapped, it open to a 3 tier display of eye shadows, lip color and blush and pressed powder. All three tiers are protected during shipping by fitted clear plastic covers, which, except for the top tier are EXTREMELY difficult to remove from the case without cracking the plastic trays themselves. (This is my only complaint about this product). Once the top plastic cover is removed from each tier, you can access the makeup, but again, removal of that plastic cover is slightly difficult.

There is enough variety of each of the colors that this kit would be a good gift for just about everyone. It comes with 45 colors of eye shadows, 2 lipsticks, 2 small lip gloss tubes with wands, and 12 small pans of lip gloss (to be applied with a brush (or your finger I guess). There are also two colors of eyeliner pencils (black and brown). The bottom tier contains the blush and pressed powder in several different shades (although nothing that would be dark enough for most women of color). The packaging said it also came with brushes and applicators, although, except for the eyeshadow applicators and blush brush, I couldn’t find them. The six eyeshadow applicators are easily seen on the top tier, and the blush/powder brush is tucked in toward the back of the lowest tier, but I discovered that if you can manage to get second tier out of the case, there are a few more surprises there, that aren’t visible while in the case. While not listed on the card attached to the case, there are three brushes to use with the pans of lip gloss, each with its own plastic cover.

Overall, this is a great collection. Some of the colors are a bit youthful for me (in my 50s), but there is such a large variety, I believe that there is something that every girl or woman can use (and may even discover a new color to try). A great investment or gift!

This sample was sent in exchange for an honest and unbiased review