HAVIT HV-H025BT Bluetooth Headset for Hands-free use!!! Wonderful!

This is a great Bluetooth headset. This HAVIT headset is very lightweight, and one of the best features of it, in my humble opinion is that it has different sizes of ear buds, and the smallest seems smaller than most sets. This is good for me because I have tiny ear canals and usually have tons of issues keeping ear buds in comfortably. This set not only has covers that are small enough to set in my ears, but also has loops/flanges which further allow these to remain securely in my ears by utilizing the ridges in my ears to secure the buds. So my fit issues have been solved.

As far as sound goes, these sound as good to me as my wired headphones that I have for my desktop computer. My music from my phone music library play wonderfully, and the music sounds rich, not tinny like I’ve experienced before with ear buds. I was skeptical that these were actually able to be used for telephone calls because for the life of me I couldn’t locate the microphone. But while I was testing these for the music, my phone rang, and I took a chance and answered it, and my husband was able to hear me clearly. That simply amazed me.

Technophiles, unlike myself, probably understand how these gadgets work, but I am always constantly amazed when they work as flawlessly as these, especially with me being the operator. It worked GREAT!!!

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