Nanshy StandUp Brush Holder – Extremely Versatile for more than brushes.

I am not a make up artist, nor am I someone who wears make up often, but with that being said, I do have a lot of small containers of make up and appliers including some brushes. For a portable solution, this holder is ideal. And not just for make up and brushes. I am a teacher at a local community college, and I often transport the things I need for my classes (pens, pencils, small stapler, electronic presenter, etc.) in my pocket or in the bottom of my carryall bag, which means that they can be misplaced or damaged by bouncing around, and using this holder, I can keep all these small items organized and secure.

The holder comes in two pieces, both made from washable material, that fit together snugly and are secured by two plastic clips, one on either side. When the two pieces are together, and the clips employed, this is a very secure storage and travel solution for small items like I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Each half is extremely roomy, if you want to use them as storage cups for desktop or on your make up counter to hold your essentials.

I love this product and may order another for its intended use, but I think that this should be marketed for multi-use purposes since it is so versatile and sturdy.

I received this brush holder from Nanshy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, so I am going to do my best to be thorough and detailed so that other customers can make an informed decision.

Jumblâ„¢ All Season Nail Polish Set – Wonderful Selection for Nail Art

Such a fun set! I received this set in exchange for a fair and honest review. While these might not be my first choices on colors for nail polish, they should be great for nail art. I painted my nails with a base coat of a color called # 15 (rosy and subtle) and then tried my hand at decorating that base color. A blue stripe down the middle and a yellow dot on either side. The possibilities are endless. I have a friend who makes a living at doing others nails with nail art, and I’m going to have her over to see what she can do with these.

Two things that I need to note about these polishes. First of all, the brushes in these polish bottles are smaller than I am used to, which would be perfect for using these to do nail art, and second, the advertisement for this polish refers to them as fast drying, and it dried extremely fast. I painted one of my nails the darker of the two blue colors and remembered at the last stroke that I am out of nail polish remover (blue would not be appropriate for me to wear in the classroom). As soon as I realized what I had done, I had attempted to wipe off the nail polish with a tissue (usually works if the polish is still wet), but this was almost completely dried in that short time, and I am going to have to run to the dollar store nearby to get some remover so I can try again.

It seems like high quality polish, and the color selection would be ideal for nail art.