Aspen Electric Fireplace – Beautiful and Warm! Highly Recommended

We were sent a sample of this product for review.

I am an older woman in my 50s and while in my youth I could handle cooler house temperatures, in the last several years, I feel cold much more intensely. We live in a drafty small home with an inefficient furnace and poor insulation. Granted we do live in the South so winters aren’t as harsh as I have experienced in the Northern parts of the country (I am a Yankee it seems). But in short (too late I know), I don’t like being chilled or cold. When we received this, my husband unpacked it and got it set up, and it seemed that within minutes it was emitting enough heat to remove the slight chill from the air of our living room. This surprised me as I wasn’t expecting much from such a lovely, decorative unit. We have used other types of space heaters, as well as kerosene heaters to try to supplement the central furnace we have in this house, and those other units just didn’t touch that chill. This fireplace dissipated the chill almost immediately.

The decorative aspects are wonderful as well. The movement and lighting seem almost natural, and the ‘fire’ has a similar hypnotic quality as a real fireplace (without the mess). We are hoping that this unit, as well as another we have will be sufficient to keep our home warm in the coming months. So far it is doing wonderfully!


Satechi® Café Tray Coffee Condiment Holder and Tray (White) – Ample Storage and a great design!

I work in a fairly large office suite, with about 15 other colleagues and an overworked secretary who tries to keep the little coffee/microwave nook that we have organized. Until today most of the coffee supplies were thrown together in paper or Styrofoam cups scattered around the break table with the coffee pot on it. I donated this to our office and within minutes it made a very attractive difference. The things I liked the most about this product:
1) ample room, each compartment is about 3 inches square and holds an awful lot of supplies. The cups shown in my photos are extra large cups, not the little ones.
2) the slide out tray. On occasion we will have a meeting in the conference room, and one of us in invariably making coffee runs, and the tray that slides out from under this is extremely sturdy and will easily hold at least 4 cups of coffee.
3) It’s design and appearance is perfect for the office environment. Clean lines, yet utilitarian. Wonderful and should go with just about any office decor.
I love it and am looking forward to seeing our coffee room remain organized thanks to this!

I received this tray at no cost in exchange for a fair and honest review.