Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Weather Station. 3 of 5 stars.

I received this wireless thermometer as a complimentary sample for an unbiased review. I am not a technological whiz, but I am learning more and more about electronic devices. When I received this, I was actually quite excited because for some reason, knowing how hot or cold it is has become an obsession of mine. I constantly check the weather channel, but since I live in a rural area, I am never sure the closest reading applies to me. We are in the midst of an arctic blast right now in North Carolina.

There is a definite order to setting this thing up (which is why I love reading the instructions (and other reviews). I first downloaded the free app from the Play store, and installed in on my Nexus 7 tablet (it was not compatible with my phone). Setup was relatively painless, it asked for a couple location based things and whether you wanted Celsius or Fahrenheit, and then it began looking for the unit.

Once you install the batteries (included in the package *1 star*) in the device, it automatically turns on and begins looking for a Bluetooth connection. It paired effortlessly (1 star). It began reading the temperature in my office immediately, although in Celsius (even though I had set it up for Fahrenheit), but after about 2-3 minutes, suddenly it switched to something I understand 😛 (1 star). I was very excited because it worked!!!!! But the real test came when I walked the 10 feet or so from my office to the front door, opened the door and set the unit outside on my patio table (no more than 15 feet from the tablet with the app running) to see if it would continue to work. Almost immediately, the app disconnected from the device, could not see the signal. So, following the instructions, I went back outside (brrr), opened the battery cover and reset the device, then ran to the tablet and tried to get it to reconnect. Alas it did not. The app registers the last temperature it received from the device which is 71 degrees and oh I wish that were true (We had an ice storm last night!) The device itself is relatively accurate (although it took about 20 minutes to register anything close to the actual temperature outside) although having to go outside to check the temperature seems to defeats the purpose. I wish I could give this more stars because I really wanted this to work well, but after testing and trying this unit, it just isn’t working as it should or as it is advertised.


Propel 2-in-1 7800mAh External Battery Mobile Charger Power Bank w/ Detachable Bluetooth Headset

Coolest thing ever! I don’t don’t which aspect of it to write about first. This device is a power bank WITH a detachable Bluetooth earpiece. Great design and a great product. I have had Bluetooth earpieces in the past and never used them, or lost them, or lost the charger that came with them. The detachable earpiece stores in the power bank which will recharge the earpiece until you next need to use it. An added feature in my opinion is that the earpiece fits comfortably in the ear, unlike ear buds that require you shove the tip into your ear canal. This one sits nicely on the lower rim of your ear, the sound is great, and it is secure (as I found when I shook my head in response to a question from my husband as I was testing it. It stayed in place). All in all a great idea, and an attractive product.

This was an honest and unbiased review of a product received at no cost.